Mary Kahle

Social impact strategy, foresight, & creative service consulting

I am a multidisciplinary creative, working at the intersections of research, speculative futures, art, design innovation, and business strategy.  

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Makerspace Communities and Ecosystem Strategy:
Co-Creating Social and Operational Infrastructure

Design Research MS Thesis, Drexel University

How might we more intentionally grow the maker movement, rooted in equitable practices that address systemic educational, economic, and environmental issues?

Data Visualization / Design Research / Co-Design / Ecosystem Strategy / Interdisciplinary Collaboration / Makerspaces / Rapid Prototyping / Social Impact

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The Access, Visibility, and Engagement (AVE) Framework: Recommendations for Supporting the Food Insecure University Student Population

Creative Interdisciplinary Research in Graduate Education (CIRGE),
The Social Impact Innovation Hub, Baida Institute, Drexel University

How might we equip decision makers with an equity-centered framework to collaboratively improve programs for university student food insecurity?
Data Visualization / Design Research / Co-Design / Food Insecurity / Group Dynamics /  Interdisciplinary Collaboration / Rapid Prototyping / Social Impact

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Maketools Design Sprint // Workshop

Led by Dr. Elizabeth Sanders, Rankin Scholars in Residence at Drexel University, 2023

How might we create a better patient experience related to their data?

Design Research / Co-Design / Healthcare /  Rapid Prototyping / Workshop

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Data Storytelling:

- Organism and Territory —Apples and Pennsylvania

- STEAM Education — Opportunities for Growth

Data Visualization / Design Research /  Education / Historical Analysis

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Source: PA FDC, Center for Functional Fabrics

PPE: Human Factors & Product Development:

- Aerosol Bio-Containment Device (ABCD) for Covid-19 Patients

- Antimicrobial Yarn Knit Mask and Filter Housing Testing & Design

Healthcare / Human Factors / Product Design / Rapid Prototyping

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Bio-Composite Garden

Technologies of Making, Drexel University

Advanced Manufacturing / Bio-Materials / Design Research / Co-Design / Rapid Prototyping / Social Impact

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Brooklyn, NY

Branding / Business Development / Creative Direction / Garment Engineering / Local Manufacturing / Product Design & Circularity / Market Research / Strategy

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